taryn tarver
Taryn Tarver believes "changing from the inside out" isn't just a familiar cliché, its an absolute necessity. If you work towards wholeness, body and soul, it positively affects every aspect of your life. Living a whole life is a balance that only comes from regularly challenging your limits. Once you successfully discipline your body and make it do what it doesn't want to do, you can achieve just about anything. Sometimes you surpass your goals successfully and sometimes you don't but the challenge remains, never stop striving for perfection. Tarver firmly believes that if you aim high and do your best, you can accomplish results that will change your life forever!

Here are some highly motivating tools you can use to achieve your goals toward wholeness. First, always include a morning devotion time. Next, you will want to incorporate a core-strengthening segment prior to your work out. Now, choose an appropriate work out and begin! Remember to breath deep into your abdomen and speak your desired outcome throughout your entire work out. In addition to following these helpful tips you will want to eat a balanced whole food diet. Consume lean chicken and water proteins such as fish, shrimp and other sea foods (without all the butter!). Eat plenty of vegetables especially those deep green or purple in color. Cut out all sugars (with the exception of fruit) and replace with Nu Stevia. Also, cut out the use of what Taryn refers to as "white products", such as enriched flour, pastas and white rice. Instead, replace them with whole grain products. Drink lots of water (Alkaline water is preferred).

Finally, train in a group setting. Nothing inspires us more than to see other individuals pushing themselves to the limit. Going through the rigors of group training together creates great energy and promotes unity. We pray, we laugh, we cry, we sweat and we do it TOGETHER! Pushing one another
to be our absolute best is the Souls DHP way, no one gets left behind!

Taryn's experience spans over 30 years and transcends all types of sports, techniques and fitness levels. She comes from a long line of accomplished athletes in a professional capacity and has run
with many world-class athletes. Her love for Polymeric and strength training was acquired from years
of training and running track. Her grandfather placed several times in the world games having adopted this same training. One coach in particular, Jimmy Radcliff, was instrumental in helping Taryn target and master her skills. She has run
with many world-class athletes and competed in the Pack 10's even after the birth of her first three children. She is now the glowing mother of six children and continues to test her limits while letting others know that all things are possible! Taryn's experience and proven results speak for themselves. She has a deep passion for athletics, helping others and public speaking. Her message of hope and wholeness through The Divine Health Plan says, "I did it, you can too!"