Meet Your Trainer

Taryn Tarver makes busy look simple, being a mother of six children. In addition to her role as a mother she is also a fitness expert, speaker, teacher, president of her non-profit organization and trainer. Taryn lives the ideal standards of the Proverbs 31 woman everyday and is an asset to both her community and all who she comes in contact with.

meet your trainer

Her highly anticipated book, "Souls Divine Health Plan- Living in Complete Wholeness,Ē teaches one how to change from the inside out. The first section focuses on getting your mind, will, and emotions ready for positive growth and change. The second part is health based and introduces the "Divine Health Plan", known as the DHP. The Divine Health Plan is designed to make eating healthy clean and simple. Its comprehensive and realistic approach make it so that even the most health challenged with their eating habits can say "Hey, I can do this!".

The DHP consists of first cutting out all sugars besides fruit: this includes soda, juices, candy, dried fruit, and basically reading the labels on your food purchases. Next cut out white products, such as enriched flour and white rice, then switch to whole-wheat rice, pasta, and bread; stick to Organic, gluten-free, free-range meats only. For the best results, consume your carbohydrates at or by midday, in the evening chose a water protein, which consists of most sea food such as Tilapia or salmon, and donít eat anything 2 hours prior to going to bed. During the day, be sure to drink at least 2 liters of water. We also have one program that helps you to reset your metabolism in 40 days. It boosts your metabolism and instructs on what you should and should not consume.

Our fitness program is called the CSR-40E, known as Core-Cardio, Strength, and Resistance in 40-day extreme segments. We incorporate balance, stretching, squats, weights, push ups and more to produce maximum results. If you think you canít do it, just know you can! People 450 lbs plus can do jumping jacks, plank moves, and lift weights successfully, and so can you. Lets shape it up!